Who is Muscle God Samson and What can he do for you?

Hey I’m Muscle God Samson. Thanks for stopping by my secret adult website and muscle worship blog. Since you are reading this I have to assume you are either a gay man or a straight woman who is into bodybuilders and muscle worship.

Well that’s definitely a good thing for me because hey . . . I’m a bodybuilder and I love to be worshiped by both guys and by girls!

Does that make me bisexual? Who cares? I’m just here to have a good time and do what ever I want with whoever I want. Call it what you want to call it Muscle God Samson lives the way he wants to live. I’m free baby!

Anyways I digress.

If you’ve been looking for a truly powerful and erotic muscle god to follow and submit to then I’m the one Muscle God you’ve been searching for.

I’m different then these other fake muscle gods on the internet. None of which are even in the same league as me. Others claim to be muscle gods but there is truly only 1 muscle god and his name is Samson.

A little bit about me.

I got into being a muscle god after starting a personal training and fitness channel on YouTube. I got a lot of subscribers to my channel and most of them turn out to be gay men.

I got a lot of request to make shirtless flexing videos so I decide to make a few. The feed back was great. I got a ton of complements and of course a ton of gay sex offers as well.

I was flattered by all the attention even if it was from guys. That’s when I started learning about being a male web cam model and a muscle god.

I started hitting the gym extra hard. I really pounded the weights! I started drinking the best protein. I started eating huge servings of meat. I became a wild animal. I was a straight up savage.

I grew my biceps to 20 inches. I grew my pecs to 50 inches. I had to buy new pants because my thighs got so big! I became a real beast!

Besides lifting and building the perfect male body. I also started learning about websites, blogging, and marketing.

I didn’t just want to become a muscle god. No, I wanted to become the greatest, most famous, and richest muscle god on the planet!

When wasn’t in the gym working out or flexing on webcam I was designing and promoting this website. And now I can say that I am truly world famous.

I have over 10 thousand new visitors to my muscle worship blog every day! I have fans from all over the world!

Are you ready to get off with the hottest muscle god on the planet? If you are then sit back kick your shoes off and pull your pants down cause it’s time to feel good. Hi, I’m Muscle God Samson and I want to welcome you to my homemade muscle god muscle worship website. If you like hot hard sexy muscles, big biceps, ripped abs, huge muscular thighs, and black muscle gods with big dicks then I’m your man. I personally made and operate this site for you my muscle fans. In it you’ll find all my exclusive and uncensored videos and photos. So make sure to sign up so you can see all my naughty muscle videos!!!

muscle god samson

Muscle God Samson with his shirt off holding his belt.

Muscle God Samson 1

Muscle God Samson 2

Muscle God Samson 3

Muscle God Samson 4

Muscle God Samson 5

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