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Computer Geek To Muscle God: The Ultimate Transformation

When I was a kid I use to get picked on a lot. Maybe it was because I was a small kid, or maybe it was because I had a dorky personality.

When most other kids my age were into sports, I was into television shows and video games. I use to collect maps and comic book trading cards.

I also had an unusual fascination with gadgets and computers. Any chance I got to be on a computer I would be on it for hours.

Although my family never owned a computer in those days I did have a  geeky friend who let me come over and dink around on his computer.

Around that time I also discovered porn magazines and masturbation.

That same geeky friend and I use to steal hustler magazines from the local convenience store.

We use to have jerk off contests in his dad’s tool shed. We both had our own corner of the shed that we would go and stand in with our backs to each other and who ever had an orgasm first would get first dibs on the computer game doom.

It wasn’t until I got shipped off to a group home that I started lifting weights.

I was living in a dorm with 10 other guys and if you were small they would pick on you.

So I enrolled in weightlifting class in as one of my high school electives.

I also checked out the Arnold Schwarzenegger encyclopedia from the school library.

As I began to get bigger the older boys picked on me less and less.




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“I first got the the nickname Samson when I was working as a bouncer at a night club in Scottsdale Arizona. When guys would get into fights in the club I use to stop them, pick them up, and toss them out of the club like rag dolls. I had a huge afro at that time. One of my coworkers said that I reminded him of Samson from the bible because of my long hair and super strength. From then on everybody started calling me “Samson”
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