About Muscle God Samson Biggs


Who is Samson Biggs and what’s he all about?

“Jacked up and Jacked in!” That’s the slogan of internet muscle star and online entrepreneur Samson Biggs. Who is Samson Biggs? Samson Biggs is one of the many alter egos of actor/athlete Gerald Lee Williams.

“I first got the the nickname Samson when I was  working as a bouncer at a night club in Scottsdale Arizona. When guys would get into fights in the club I use to stop them, pick them up, and toss them out of the club like rag dolls. I had a huge afro at that time. One of my coworkers said that I reminded him of Samson from the bible because of my long hair and super strength. From then on everybody started calling me “Samson”

Muscle God Samson Biggs Flexing on Couch

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