Top Photos of Black Bodybuilder Rico Samson!

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Black Bodybuilder Rico Samson Is On the Road To Greatness

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Bodybuilder Flexing To Drum and Bass – Muscle God Samson

Bodybuilder Flexing to Drum and Bass – Muscle God Samson – Hey guys quick update. The diet is going well. Working hard to get ripped but keep as much size at the same time. Like and comment. Thanks!


Muscle God Flexing Vlog – Tan Lines and Biceps!

Feeling Excited! My muscle are growing faster tan ever! I am getting stronger and stronger daily!

Muscle God Flexing Vlog – Amazon Haul: BCAA’S from Bulk Supplements!

Hells yeah! Just got some supplements in the mail from amazon! I’m about to swole patrol on yall!


Muscle God Jerry Samson Photo

Muscle God Jerry Samson Photo

Muscle God Jerry Samson looking sexy as hell!

The Muscle God Store Is Now Open! Buy Muscle God Stuff

After so many request from many underwear collectors for me to sell my used underwear online, I decided to add a store to my website. Now you can buy my used muscle god underwear on The Muscle God Store! I will also be selling other merchandise pretty soon. Things like personalized autographed 8 by 10 photos, muscle god t-shirts, calendars, books, and more! If you have any ideas for merchandise please let me know I will add it to my inventory. Haha I’m a musclepreneur! Thank you for your support!

To check out The Muscle God Store go to


Bodybuilder Grooming Photo – Muscle God Samson

It’s time for a shave me thinks.

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Male Model Fashion – Muscle God Samson

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Funny Photos – Muscle God Samson

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