Sexy Time with Black Muscle God Samson Biggs – 01


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Starring: Samson Biggs

Length: 00:19:58

Description: The horny hulk, Muscle God Samson is looking lean and mean in this hot muscle video. In it, your muscle hunk master flexes his guns and jerks his huge hard dick off. It’s a must see!

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Super Muscle Flexing With Samson Biggs – Episode 1

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Bodybuilder Tips: Front Sumo Box Squat Is The Most Effective Leg Exercise.

Muscle God Fitness Tip by Big Samson Williams

In my experience the most effective leg exercise is the front sumo box squat.

Of all the leg exercises I’ve done, the front sumo box squat has given me the most gain in leg size and strength.

Now for a lot of you out there you may be apprehensive to listen to me on this but believe me when I say if you want big thighs then you should be doing front sumo box squats a couple of times of week as you main mas builder for you thighs.

Now for me, front sumo box squats are pretty much the only leg exercise that I do beside straight leg dead-lift.

My training style consist of utilizing the most effective exercise for a given body part and forgo the less effective exercises. I believe that if you want the best results then you need to stick with the best exercises and not waist your time with exercises that are sub par.

So why is the Front sumo squat the best leg exercise in my opinion? Well first of all it’s the safest squat when don’t properly. Your knees and back are in strong positions during the movement. Second, It’s targets the legs completely from the calves to the quads, to the hams to the glutes.  It also strengthens the core muscles.

Now if you’re trying to gain muscle then you want to work the muscle. A lot of times people go to heavy and just work the tendons. To get the most benifit you have to hammer the muscle with a lot of reps and a lot of sets with a moderate or even a light amount of weight. Don’t get caught up in the heavy weight game cause you’ll get stronger but you won’t get bigger.

I suggest keeping you reps between 20 and 30 rep and doing 20 sets. Yep that’s right I said 20 sets. If you want to grow you have to saturate the muscle with blood and force it to grow.

Then that’s it your leg workout is complete. No useless leg extension, no knee destroying hack squats, no awkward leg press. Just the 20 sets of 20 reps of front box squats and you leg will be fried. Do this a couple times a week and you legs will grow into tree trunks.

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Muscle God Samson Biggs – Black Gladiator

thegladiator320imageMuscle God Samson is here with another great bodybuilder flexing video. I was watching the Gladiator so I decided to do a little flexing to some epic gladiator music. My biceps are getting bigger and my chest is looking much fuller! Check out how I pose my muscles to the music!

Starring: Muscle God Samson

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Bodybuilder Flexing in HD Muscle God Samson X 1st Flex

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Starring: Muscle God Samson     Length: 10 minutes

Your favorite bodybuilder is back with a great new video. Muscle God
Samson is big and ripped and ready to explode!

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Bodybuilder Flexing To The Game Muscle God Samson

Your favorite bodybuilder muscle god Samson Williams is back with the ultimate muscle flexing video! With huge biceps and massive triceps a colossal chest six pack abs ripped and shredded Samson is awe inspiring!! in this video Samson does some very cool flexing to the game

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Bodybuilder Flexing To DMX Muscle God Samson Williams

Your favorite bodybuilder muscle god Samson Williams is back with some top notch muscle flexing. In this video Samson Is flexing his gigantic biceps in a collard shirt and he looks amazing!!! His arms are so massive they barely fit in the sleeves. See what happens when Samson takes his shirt off only on

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Muscle God Samson Is Back!!!! Bodybuilder

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any videos that is because I had some technical issues with my computer. But now I’m back and will be providing you with the ultimate muscle flexing videos be prepared for mass muscles giant biceps monster quads some hardcore bodybuilding!!!! Stay tuned for more great flexing videos from your muscle god Samson Williams!!!

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Tank Top Biceps Flexing Muscle God Samson Williams Bodybuilder

Your favorite muscle man is back with another awesome biceps flexing video. This time Muscle God “Samson” Williams is large and in charge with a whole new attitude. He take his huge sexy body to the limits giving you the ultimate muscle pose down.

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