Video: Muscle God Samson 100m Sprint Grand Canyon State Games For Track and Field

muscle god samson 100m sprint
muscle god samson 100m sprint

Muscle God Samson 100m sprint at the grand canyon state games

It was a perfect Tempe Arizona evening. The weather was great. Not too hot, not too cold but just right. It was a great way to start my second track and field career off. As you can see in the video I got third place.

Now of course I wanted to win but even though I didn’t win I still felt really good about the race. I learned a lot from this video. I learned that I need to get more flexible to get a longer stride and I need to strengthen my hip flexors.

I must admit that I was a little nervous at the start of the race. I always get butterflies in my stomach before a race. Once that gun goes off though all the nervousness goes away and I am like a raging bull.